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It all started with "The Weekly Word"

LIVE, LEARN, and LEAD. To us, it’s about giving back.

Late in 2017, I felt a disconnect with all of the people Debbie and I lead. I pondered for some time about ways I could connect with our teams spread across the southwest part of the country. How could we share with them how much we care and desire to help? Finally, it came to me. Why not create some short 3-5 minute video messages that contain hope and inspiration to Live - stories and lessons to Learn, and insights and meaningful skills on how to Lead? Wanting to weave in how FAITH changed our lives, our thinking, and our focus, we decided to center the messages on how God has blessed us and wants to bless you, too – even if you don’t believe it! I decided to name the weekly videos "The Weekly Word with Michael Rasa," and the seed for Rasa Revelations was planted. I look forward to sharing these messages with YOU!

Michael Rasa
From left to Right
Michael Rasa, Brad Rasa, Mel Rasa, Debbie Rasa, Karen Rasa and Paul Rasa
With more than 200 years of combined wisdom and experience, our Texas Rasa family brings you Rasa Revelations where you’ll find authentic stories, podcasts and videos filled with insights, both good and bad, regarding our Faith, Family and Business. Together we hope to inspire you to LIVE, LEARN and LEAD with integrity and faith. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

The Weekly Word

Focused on how God has blessed us and wants to bless you too, The Weekly Word started with the desire to share how FAITH changed out life, our thinking, and our focus.

January 1st, 2018

We launched the first Weekly Word with Michael Rasa called Floored with Truth and Grace.

January 2nd, 2019

We launched one new Weekly Word with Michael Rasa message every Monday for all of 2018 and then on January 2nd, 2019 we announced where I was to interview the great Tony Romo about four areas, Faith, Family, Football and Business. That series of interviews continued weekly until July 22nd, 2019. This was the "unofficial" beginning of Rasa Revelations.

August 26th, 2019

Then we launched a series called UNPLUGGED, and then on August 26th, 2019 we launched a new interview I conducted with the great Emmitt Smith about his spiritual journey in life and his football experiences!

The Team

Michael Rasa

I was super blessed to find the right people to surround myself with while building a business plan and cold calling 25 banks to get my initial loan to start Rasa Floors in 1994. I have been fortunate to succeed on many levels in the business world, but growing up in a difficult family environment, I learned at an early age about the challenges and responsibilities of working full time to support myself.

Those years, along with my experience in the U.S. Army, taught me the values of discipline and hard work. As a result, I was lucky enough to earn some sales awards throughout the years and was fortunate to receive personal training, coaching and mentoring from some of the most successful sales and business coaches in the country.

Debbie and I and our entire team continued building the business, side by side, encountering many difficulties and challenges while earning numerous awards for being one of the fastest growing small businesses in North Texas.

We are launching Rasa Revelations to share stories and interviews to encourage you as you Live, Learn and Lead. I sincerely hope you find the inspiration, tools and teaching you need to succeed here, at Rasa Revelations!

Debbie Rasa

Debbie Rasa, my wife, business partner, and my absolute best friend is especially talented in ways that Paul, Brad nor myself are NOT.

Debbie has this special women’s intuition that she brings to board room, or the stage when she delivers an impactful, memorable and often teary-eyed talk about her experiences of Living, Learning and Leading!

Anyone that knows Debbie will tell you that she has a very large heart to help people… especially people who are struggling in their marriage or relationships. Debbie is a humble yet strong woman of character and determination, her favorite phrase is “consistency over time”.

Paul Rasa

Paul Rasa has the most experience out of the four of us. Married to his wife Karen of nearly 50 years, putting self through college and becoming a pharmacist, then spending 25 years in the retail pharmacy environment, dreaming of one day finding the needed courage to break out on his own and do it HIS WAY, as the song goes by Frank Sinatra.

Using his “utmost principal centered approach”, Paul has some incredible talent and insight to share with the people who join the Rasa Revelations movement!

Brad Rasa

Brad Rasa didn't not fall too far from the Rasa character & principal centered tree!

Brad has proven to be a truly down to earth, logical, fair business minded individual who knows how to treat people with respect, honor, dignity while demonstrating to them via his behavior and actions on how to really Live, Learn, and Lead… while honor God at the same time!


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